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Object Extraordinary is an Object show created by TropicalT. The host is Computer Screen. OE is where 18 contestants battle for 1 billion dollars. The contestants are Apple Juice, Apple, Bally, Book, Emerald, Fan, Flower Pot, Football, Heart, Moon, Oreo, Strawberry, Sun, The Lights, Torch, Volley Ball, Wand, and Water Bucket. Every episode, the contestants will compete in challenges with their teammates if its still the team period. The winner of the challenge wins safety for themselves or their team and the losing team or objects will be up for elimination. The viewers must vote on one of the objects to receive a prize and one of the objects to be eliminated. The object with the most prize votes receives the prize and the object with the most elimination votes is eliminated. This keeps going until the final 3, then the final 3 face off in a competition and the winner receives extra votes for themselves to win. The viewers vote for who they want to win and the winner is crowned in the final episode and receives the prize.